How Awen Soul came to be

Awen's Soul

I’m Phoebe O’Regan, the creatrix of Awen Soul. I lived in Cambodia for 3 years in my 20’s and it was there I received my first symbolic tattoo, which synchronistically was the Awen symbol. At the time of getting this tattoo, I was feeling disconnected from myself and was going through a heart break and another layer of my spiritual awakening. This intentional tattoo supported and anchored me and was the catalyst for me to become a sacred tattoo artist.

I was deeply touched by the sak yant tattoo ceremonies in Cambodia, the way the monks set up sacred space, bless the tattoos, and the continued prescribed tending of the symbols so that they keep flowing whatever powers you need from them into your life. With this inspiration and connecting it to my own Irish roots, my tattoo artistry aligned with who I am and for the first time I found work that brought together all the disparate aspects of my experience. I love that my tattoo skills were born in a land where the connection with ancient rituals is honoured and integral to the purpose and significance of tattooing.

My own work with my healing & reconnection journey using practises such as yoga, meditation, herbalism, energy work & psychic practises informed my reverence and understanding of the healing and empowerment available through ceremony.

Opening my business Awen Soul in July 2021 was the pinnacle of bringing together tattooing, my Irish roots, ceremony creation, and the further strengthening of my true self.

Awen's Dream

Intentional community building creating a network of like minded people leading a spiritual life and supporting each other. Strengthening relational dynamics with ourselves, others and the earth.

Supporting people to step into who they are and can be.

How I work

I support you to find your truth, heal and connect with ceremonies for transformation. My practises are all Spiritually led to support you to harness your inner guidance and trust the universal law and tapestry of healing available through nature, the elements, symbology and celestial wisdom systems.

It would be my honour and privilege to work with you and together unveil another step in your empowerment journey.