How to work with the energy of the Celtic Spring festival Bealtaine

Celtic Bealtaine festival symbols

Bealtaine occurs on the 1st of May, the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.

Bealtaine translates from Gaeilge as ‘mouth of fire’, as it’s the day when the lighter, warmer half of the Celtic Wheel of the Year begins. The dark half of the year is all about shadow work, going inward, reflecting and releasing. Alternatively the light half is ripe for action, community, connection, and joyous adventure. It will be easier to make new friends and try new things, so go for it 🌞

To celebrate Bealtaine, and set the tone for the months after it:

✨Reflect honestly and without judgement on the healing you’ve done since Samhain. You can use these journal prompts if you like: What were your biggest wins, and biggest challenges? What did you discover about yourself? What did you want to change? What actions did you take? What results did you get from those actions?

✨Get outside. Even a walk through a city will find so many colourful flowers, blossoming trees, bluer skies and warmer pockets of sunshine. Put your bare feet on the ground whenever possible, feeling and healing your connection with Mother Earth.

✨Wear lighter and brighter colours, and use them around your space.

✨If you have an altar or would like to make one, fresh flowers, fruits, seashells and brightly coloured crystals make wonderful Bealtaine offerings. As it’s one of the Celtic fire festivals, light a fire or candle and meditate in the glow of it, fully connecting to the vibrant and uplifting energy present today.

✨Eat brightly coloured, fresh, whole-foods and drink lots of water.

✨Set some goals for the next 6 months. Make them realistic, but with a good level of challenge. There is still so much rapid transformation happening around us that we can flow with, if we choose to. The potential of this is endless, any goals you fully commit to within this portal, will succeed. The universe always wants to help you, all you need to do is get clear and dive in 💫