How to work with the energy of Mabon, a high summer ancient festival

Mabon symbols

Mabon is the ancient Celtic festival which celebrates the Autumn Equinox, a time of the year which is in perfect balance between light & dark, masculine and feminine, movement and stillness. It is the cusp of the crisp & cool journey into the dark half of the year. Mabon marks the second harvest (Lughnasadh being the first), of grounding and earthy produce such as pumpkins, apples and grapes. It is known as the pagan thanksgiving as it is a time of abundance but also deep gratitude and reflection.

The associations of Mabon include Autumn leaves, local produce of the season, crystals such as amber, citrine & carnelian, & herbs such as yarrow, mugwort and cinnamon. When choosing which associations to work with it’s always good for them to be personal, locally gathered ethically, and affirmed by your intuition.

Mabon ritual suggestions:

Take a day to tie up loose ends around your home, reorganising and clearing out things you don’t need anymore. Throw open the windows and sage everywhere, especially in corners and cupboards.

Take a walk in your local nature spot and collect fallen leaves and pine cones to decorate your home with to call in the power of the season. You can make garlands with the leaves and use the pinecones as decorations that w ward off negative energy.

Update your altar with Mabon associations and take time to reflect and journal there, about what you’re grateful for, what you’re proud of, and what you’re calling in for the rest of this year.