FAQ about Tattoos and Rituals

Tattooing FAQs

A safe space is defined as ‘’a place or environment in which a person or category of people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm.’’ My aim is to create a safe space and recognise that this is different for everyone and ever changing as we all learn more about inclusivity. My values are aligned with doing my very best to create space that supports you to feel safe and in the context of tattooing this involves checking in with you around your pain & comfort level during tattooing and seeking informed consent and honouring your confidentiality.

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, in general there is some discomfort involved with getting a tattoo as needles are involved, most people find it quite tolerable.

There are ways to prepare for a session that will make it more comfortable for yourself, including taking extra good care of your health in the days leading up to your appointment, eating a big carb-rich meal just before, bring plenty of snacks and sweet drinks with you, and be mindful of your menstrual cycle if you have one (When you have PMS pain tolerance is lower).

If you are concerned about pain for your first tattoo or because you have a particular health condition please let us know via email and we can have a chat about it. I often recommend having your first tattoo on your arm or leg if you are concerned as they tend to be the least painful placements.

Before your appointment take extra good care of your health to make sure your energy and skin are in optimum condition. Drink lots of water and use lotion on the area you’re getting tattooed to prepare the skin to be soft and tattoo with ease.

Do not put any lotion on your skin the day of your appointment, and please do not shave the area of the tattoo if you are not used to doing so as you will risk having razor bumps which would affect the tattoo process. Your artist can shave the area hygienically in the studio.

Please do not wear fake tan on the area you are getting tattooed For a few days before your appointment.

On the day of your appointment make sure you are well rested, well fed and wearing comfortable clothes that will be suitable for the placement of your tattoo. Take a long hot shower to prepare your skin and prevent infection.

Bring plenty of snacks & drinks with you. You might like to also bring your journal and crystals or other ritual tools with you depending on the type of appointment.

Machine tattooing uses a tattoo machine and is excellent for a wide variety of styles due the large amount of needles and techniques available.

Hand poked tattooing (AKA Stick and poke & machine-free) does not use a machine, instead the artist gently deposits the ink with a needle by hand. Hand poking is a lot slower, quieter and more meditative. All the designs are built up slowly by dotting with the needle so they can have a more organic look. Sometimes the hand poking method can be much better for particular placements, such as finger tattoos. If you’d like to know more about which method is best for your design just let me know and we can have a chat about it.

I am professionally trained and certified in blood borne pathogen safety and safe tattoo practices. My commitment to our customers means I only use the best quality supplies for every step of the tattoo process. My hygiene and sanitation practises are of the highest standard.

Once you leave the studio it is up to you how well your tattoo heals.

You need to avoid all swimming and bathing and protect your tattoo from the sun for at least 2 weeks after your appointment.

I will give you specific instructions on how to look after your new tattoo according to the type of bandage I have used, but in general you must clean and moisturise the tattoo 3 times a day for a minimum of 2 weeks. . You can shower as normal but make sure not to touch your tattoo with perfumed soaps and keep it out of the direct stream of hot water as much a possible.

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Often ‘’when you know, you know’’ applies. You can use your intuition and inspiration to come up with your design idea, and of course have a consultation with me to run your ideas by and see what I think will work best for the kind of energy you want to bring into your life. If you know the energy you want but not the kind of design, you might desire my Tattoo Quest appointment.

Tattooing is always a collaboration and I am more than happy to help you bring your idea to life, or to help you to come up with an idea for your needs, just let me know.

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Healing FAQs

I define healing as being an ongoing process of reclaiming yourself & your power as you honour, process and grow through your past experiences.

I believe that everyone has the power to heal & transform already within them. I aim to empower you to access your own magic, in a safe and supportive journey.

Ceremony is intentional ritual for the purposes of healing.

It is an opportunity to slow down, reflect and set your intentions for your desired outcome.

It is a beautiful experience that resonates with your soul and body leaving an imprint that supports your well being and healing.

No, healing offerings are definitely not a substitute for counselling. I highly recommend finding the right counsellor for you to help you in your journey. 

Energy work is any practise that works with universal energies. Some well known examples are Reiki, Rahanni celestial healing, smoke cleansing (using sage, palo santo etc.), using crystals and acupuncture. Energy work helps us to access energies we cannot see, to aid deep healing & transformation.

Awen FAQs

Awen Soul is an LGBT+ owned and led business and strives to be an open and welcoming space for everyone who aligns with our values regardless of your gender identity, sexual preference, race or background.

My space is located in an old building from 1884 and is wheelchair accessible, however unfortunately our toilet facilities are not. My preference is to eventually be 100% wheelchair accessible as soon as this is possible.

I aim to provide a safe and relaxing space and are always happy to accommodate sensory preferences when possible, please let us know prior to your appointment.

I provide payment plan options to whoever needs them. Please contact me directly with regards to this.

My values are rooted in inclusivity, empowerment, healing and environmentally sustainable practices.

My commitment to you

We believe in providing fair and transparent pricing. We aim to create a safe space,  deeply listening to you. We trust our intuition and practice going slow and with the flow to enhance your experience and allow space for healing.

I are passionate about cultural appreciation, and also about preventing cultural appropriation. I will never tattoo anything that is disrespectful to another culture in any way, whether it is something offensive or inappropriate due to sacredness of the image.

In all of my rituals and retreats I aim to do things in rooted ways of my own culture and experiences.

Payments FAQs

If you would like to pay some of your appointment cost off before your appointment that is no problem but the remainder of the balance must always be paid on the day. Please do not book in for a tattoo if you cannot afford it, there is never a rush.

A deposit is essential for all our appointments, usually €50-100 or more depending on the type of appointment.

Deposits are deducted from the total cost of your appointment.

Deposits are non-refundable in the event of last minute cancellation or not showing up. A deposit can be transferred to another appointment slot if you give more then 48 hours notice. A deposit can be refunded in certain specific and/or urgent situations, such as becoming pregnant or getting diagnosed with a health condition which means you can no longer get tattooed.

We can take online card payments via Stripe, or in person cash payments. We are always able to give you a realistic estimate of the cost of the appointment before hand, when we know a lot of information about your tattoo such as size, placement etc.