Human Design

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a sacred system for self-discovery & creation that came to Earth in this form in 1987. The system is made up of channelled wisdom that was received by the visionary Ra Uru Hu who dedicated the rest of his life to developing the system and sharing about its potential.

Human Design gives us a blueprint to our personality, physical body and purpose in this life. It should be used as an experiment, one that can help us to find deeper flow, radical self-acceptance, and alignment. It can help you to learn about how your energy works, what boundaries & specific deconditioning to work on, your needs in relationships, your shadows and your gifts.

My training is in Integral Human Design, which is a modern approach informed by the Gene Keys.  This means that my readings are activating opportunities to look at the potential of your design and how you can use it to create a new version of yourself, rather than just giving you prescribed information which may not resonate. 

Aligning my life to my Human Design was one of the most valuable things I have done and it is an honour to share this medicine with you.

Codes from the stars

Human Design Ceremony

€111, 90 minute ceremony

A holistic journey into your energetic blueprint, based on what you desire to learn about yourself & your path.

Held in sacred space, with lots of intuitive guidance.

Includes 5-7 pages of my notes on your chart, with channelled messages throughout.

’’Having a human design with Phoebe is one of life‘s real before, and after moments. The sessions give such valuable advice that benefits every area of a persons life. Phoebe is a very kind, insightful and intuitive guide and her gifts make the experience unique. She puts so much work into the sessions: her readings are so comprehensive and give a wide variety of helpful strategies and tactics. I can’t recommend Phoebe’s work with human design more highly. It is truly life-changing’’ 

-Regina De Burca

what to focus on?

If you are new to the system I recommend that we do a foundational reading. In this I will introduce you to your aura type, authority, profile, channels, and energy centres, in an accessible, clear & practical way.

If you are already familiar with the system we can dive deep into topics of your choice such as:

Your business- how best to leverage your design for flow & ease in your work

Money & abundance- examining blocks and solutions 

Your life purpose- exploring your gifts and life mission

Just let me know when booking below what you would like the focus to be.

When the stars align

Human Design Connection Ceremony

3 hour ceremony, €222

In person only

A Human Design Ceremony for 2. A beautiful opportunity to bond & learn about your energies with your partner, family member or friend.

You will receive an abundance of information about your designs as individuals, as well as how your energies interact- the clashes, the harmonies, and the compromises needed for relationship flow. 

Includes my notes on your individual designs & relationship, with advanced copies of your charts.

The energy of group dynamics

Human Design Group Ceremony

€333 for 3 people,
+€80 for additional person
5 people max

A personalised Human Design retreat for your family, group of friends, or workplace.

A space to deepen understanding of each others energies, along with the unique dynamics of your group. Learn how best to use the strengths and create as much harmony as possible.

Includes in depth notes, advanced copies of all charts, and refreshments. Breaks can be taken as suits.