Cultivate safety in your body & openness in your heart

Deepen your relationship with nature, the divine, and your guides 

Connect to your souls desires & destinies

Step into your power & reclaim your truth

Receive guidance from wisdom systems such as Human Design, astrology, the Viking runes

This is for you if you are on the cusp of your next expression but are feeling lost, disempowered, or unclear on your desires. 

Through a series of bi-weekly one-on-one sessions, an abundance of bespoke rituals and practises, with voice message support throughout your journey, I will work closely with you as we identify your unique energetic blueprints, gifts, aspirations, and the blocks that are holding you back.

I will accompany you as you take aligned actions to shift your reality to be able to hold more peace, confidence and power in your being.

This is a space to be fully seen, held, and activated as you create the next chapter of your life.

How I work

I am a trauma-informed, qualified spiritual life coach and meditation teacher, space holder, modern Human Design analyst, sacred artist, rune reader, energy worker (Reiki, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Witchcraft) and apprentice astrologer.

I am a shadow worker as much as I am a light worker. It is my intention to bring you deep into your energetic blocks so that you can transmute them with awareness and love. Then I will support you to connect to your unique gifts so you can shine in your authenticity with confidence.

What’s included

Biweekly 60 minute calls

Voice message support Tuesdays-Fridays throughout the journey

Bespoke meditations, journal prompts, energy work, readings, embodiment practises, rituals, and spiritual guidance throughout your journey

Deep dives into your Human Design & astrology 

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Choose from a 3 month or 6 month journey

Payment plans available

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