Uisce Danann, Water of Danu


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Uisce Danann is a potent energy cleanser & grounder, both for your aura and your spaces. This product smells like witchcraft- herbal, sweet, spicy & enticing.

How to use: Take a drop and rub it into your palms, inhaling it to cleanse your inner world, and then bringing your hands over your aura 3 times to cleanse your energetic body too. You can use the dropper to throw drops around your space for an instant energy lift, and it’s also amazing to put some into your cleaning products and mop bucket to easefully refresh and clear the energy of your home.

You can also use this magical water to ground your energy after journeying and ceremonies, and you can add it to spells and rituals to add layers of cleansing and healing.

Every bottle is handmade in ceremony and infused with healing energy.


Ingredients: Vodka, Rose water, Lavender essential oil, Sage essential oil, Cedar-wood essential oil.

For external use only, if you have very sensitive skin please use it in your space only.