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Tattoo Offerings

Custom Tattoo Ceremony

From €100

My custom tattoo sessions start from €100, and appointments are a minimum of 1 hour long. Every session is sacred and includes an intuitive mix of rituals. 

Oracle Tattoo

This is my signature tattoo offering and includes a deep-dive Rune & Oracle Reading, and a small tattoo that is pre-designed by me according to your desires, up to about 4 inches squared in size. As well as a cleansing ritual, activating meditations, spiritual guidance & empowering healing energy. You also receive a healing crystal infused with Rahanni energy, intuitively chosen for you. 

3 hour experience, €222

Healing Sessions


My Rune Reading Ceremony includes an energy cleansing ritual, guided meditation, and your reading using an intuitive mix of runes and oracle cards.

During the 30 minute session you will receive guidance from your spirit team- your spirit guides, ancestors, and angels. This includes lots of clear and supportive information about your next steps in your healing journey.

Sometimes clients choose a theme for their reading e.g. Love, Direction and Work, or Mind Body & Soul. You are welcome to not have a theme and be open to whatever arises.

Available in person or online.

Rune & Oracle Reading


Healing Session

These sessions involve an intuitive mix of meditation, energy work, spiritual guidance, & guided rituals to help you to reconnect to your innate inner power using the magic of the healing available to us from the universe. I hold the space for you to work through whatever needs to come up, gently supporting you to reach greater alignment.

90 minutes €90

Human Design

Journey into your genetic blueprint

Human Design is a sacred system for self-discovery. It helps us to learn how our energy works, and about our gifts, vulnerabilities, & destiny. 

Discover my Soul Shop

Explore the Soul Shop for special gifts such as ritual oils, healing bath salts and vouchers.