Human Design Ceremony

An energetic journey of self discovery

Human Design is a sacred system for understanding ourselves and our roles in the world. It embodies thousands of years of sacred information from 4 ancient wisdom systems- traditional Astrology, the Chakra system, the i-Ching, and the Hindu Kabbalah tree of life.

This ceremony will introduce you to the most important parts of your design, and give you empowering energetic transmissions. Human Design can help you to gain clarity on aspects of yourself such as:

your physical energy

your health

your personality

your needs in relationships

your strengths and vulnerabilities

life purpose

& career


To book in person in Cork City:

To book online on Zoom:



I attended the reading with my sister and human design is extremely new to the both of us. Both our readings were made very clear. For me, i definitely gained alot of perspective and understanding about myself, it was very eye opening. Phoebe also sent us an email with the information given so we could go over it ourselves in our own time which i think is so important. Highly recommend


‘’Fantastic human design reading that really resonated for me and also very enlightening in areas that I needed more clarification. Very easy to understand as Phoebe explains it all so well and gives plenty of time  for questions or further explanation. Phoebe leads her readings in a space of love and support and brings through fabulous intuitive guidance.‘’